The Evolution of the Disney Princess Dream

Over time, Disney princesses have gradually moved away from just dreaming about finding a prince to wanting to explore new worlds and achieving life goals for themselves.

As we observe the character development from Snow White to Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, we get the idea that life is not always just about finding love in an instant, and belief alone will not fulfill our biggest wishes.  We have to be more open-minded with what we want, be patient with love, and look at life in a broader sense (what’s really important).  Above all, we have to work actively to make our dreams come true.  From the early to mid-20th century to the 21st century, Disney has made fairy tales more realistic and sets better examples for women today (and tomorrow).


Work done on 11/25

So I completely had to restart my whole video at home on my old MacBook because iMovie at school wouldn’t save anything I did (ugh :P), but at this point, I am almost done because I have gathered and organised 99% of the clips I needed in my video, and I am almost done with my editing with regards to transitions and volume levels.  My only concern is that my hard disk on iMovie is almost full, so I hope I will be able to finish before that happens.  Also, because it’s an older version of iMovie, I don’t have as many types of transitions to choose from, so I apologise for any lack of variation in such a case.   Also for any slight choppiness in the end that I am trying very hard to fix because this version of iMovie is not as user-friendly as the new one in school ^____^”  (if only it would save properly!)


Work done on 11/20/14

Today I spent the class starting from scratch again because someone happened to clear the iMovie library on the laptop I was using, including all the hard work I had from last week.  It took a significant amount of time to figure things out on how to fix this problem, as well as to re-import all of my necessary video clips.  I have the first section done at most with the title cards, introduction, and classic princess dream analysis, but to be honest, I fear that next class won’t be enough to finish the video at all.  I am trying my very best to make sure this won’t be so… :’c

At least now I have been able to save my iMovie file properly using the old version of the application (including a backup on my USB drive which will hopefully work)?


Work done on 11/13/14

Today I realized I made the mistake of saving the iMovie file to my pen drive, so I had to start over sadly. 😥  I managed to work on a good portion of the first section of my video though, involving putting together clips of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.  I might need to do a little bit of catching up next time, since I intended on working on the modern princess section next week…


The Evolution of the Disney Princess Dream (PREVIEW)

My video essay is about how, over time, Disney princesses have gradually moved away from just dreaming about finding a prince to wanting to explore new worlds and achieving life goals for themselves.

Includes opening clip from Cinderella (1950) and transitions to scene of Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991).  This is only a preview of my project, but it already gives you a general idea of what my project is going to look like.


Work done on 11/6/14

This class, I started putting together some of my video essay.  I managed to make the first 30 seconds as a sample for my oral presentation next week.  It took a lot of playing around with iMovie to get what I wanted to start with (arrangement of clips, title cards, subtitles, music tracks), but I’m more comfortable with using it now than I was before.  The last time I used iMovie (to be honest) was when it was still the older version, so there were quite some new things I needed to re-learn.  While I was doing this, I also downloaded Beauty and the Beast on my other laptop so that I could later add a clip of Belle to the video sample I made. 🙂


Storyboard for Video Essay :D

The Evolution of Dreams: How Disney Princesses Became More Realistic

(Rough Draft—time constraints to be determined after first draft of video essay is done?  7 minutes estimate at max)

First scene—Cinderella book shown at beginning of movie (title card)

Close up on Cinderella book (text/introduction: Over time, Disney has shown us that there’s a difference)

Book opens (text: between just being part of a storybook…)

(imovie transition) Belle picks up a book and walks with it.  (text: …and taking one but making your own.)

(text: Let’s start from the beginning.  (imovie circle transition)

Snow White singing “I’m wishing, I’m wishing, for the one I love…to find me, to find me…today…today…” and meeting her prince (text: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937) (text: In the early to mid-20th century, princesses only dreamt of finding love.) [clips overlapping with this scene as song is sung]

  • Cinderella dancing with her prince
  • Princess Aurora meeting her prince in the glen

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…when you’re fast asleep…” (text: Cinderella, 1950) (text: They claimed their dreams would come true purely by belief,) [Cinderella singing this to birds] [clips overlapping with this scene as song is sung]

  • Snow White kissed awake by prince
  • Aurora kissed awake by prince

Aurora and Phillip dancing in castle: “But if I know you, I know what you’ll do, you’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream…” (text: Sleeping Beauty, 1959) (text: And their princes would give them the happy endings they always wanted.) [clips overlapping with this scene as song is sung]

  • Snow White going to the castle with prince
  • Cinderella running down stairs with prince
  • Cinderella kissing prince—screen goes black, record scratch sound

Transition with “You can’t marry someone you just met” scene from Frozen (after record scratch sound.

First part of “Love is an Open Door” instrumental starts playing.  (during “Push” imovie transition)

Text: “But when the 21st century rolled in, princesses wanted more than just a prince coming to their rescue.”  [muted scene of Jasmine arguing with her father]

Jasmine says that if she wants to marry, she wants it to be for love (text: Aladdin, 1992).  Elsa asks Anna what she knows about true love (text: Frozen, 2013).  Merida says she’ll be shooting for her own hand (text: Brave, 2012).  Tiana says she doesn’t have time for dancing (with Prince Charming) (text: The Princess and the Frog, 2009).

Ariel sings “I want more…” (text: The Little Mermaid, 1989) [clips overlapping with this scene as song is sung]

  • Tiana looking out window
  • Rapunzel looking up at the lanterns from her window
  • Pocahontas looking at river from cliff
  • Mulan wiping makeup off half her face

Ariel sings “I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see, wanna see them dancing…” (text: They started to want to explore new worlds.)

Jasmine sings “Unbelievable skies, indescribable feelings, soaring, tumbling, cartwheeling, in an endless diamond sky, a whole new world…” (text: To experience freedom for once.)

Belle sings “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell…” (text: Beauty and the Beast, 1991)  (text: To make their own stories.)

Pocahontas sings “I look once more just around the river bend, beyond the shore, somewhere past the sea” (text: Pocahontas, 1995) (text: To dream bigger…)

Fade to black (text: …and work actively for self-benefit.)

Mulan says “Maybe I didn’t go for my father. Maybe what I really wanted was to prove that I could do things right. So that when I looked in the mirror (she picks up her helmet) I’d see someone worthwhile.” (text: Mulan, 1998)

Elsa sings “It’s time to see what I can do, to test my courage and break through, no right, no wrong, no rules for me…I’m free…”

Anna sings “For the first time in forever, I finally understand!”

Rapunzel sings that verse from her song that ends “Now’s when my life begins!” after she leaves the tower. (text: Tangled, 2010)

Fade into Tiana singing about how her dad told her how fairy tales can come true if you work hard. (”I remember Daddy told me: Fairytales can come true, you gotta make ’em happen, it all depends on you.  So I work real hard each and every day.  Now things for sure are going my way.  Just doing what I do, look out boys I’m coming through, and I’m almost there.  I’m almost there…”)

Incorporate some clips of “later film” princesses at work while she’s singing the last part. (text/conclusion: Compared to older films, in recent films Disney has made fairy tales more realistic and sets better examples for women today.)

  • Mulan climbing the log
  • Rapunzel holding Gothel’s wrist
  • Merida riding away on her horse (or shooting an arrow)

THE END – Thank You For Watching

Cue Credits with Works Cited